Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Back in April 2011, the Venus Project (TVP) asked that the Zeitgeist Movement (TZM) to no longer officially represent them as their activist arm, and have decided to revamp their own operations and separate themselves from the Zeitgeist Movement. 

Regardless of his reasons for this separation, Jacque Fresco, founder of the TVP, has stirred the imaginations of many people, and inspired them to think critically about our future. He has shown us through models, digital renders, video clips, and his literature, many of the radical ways we can embrace technology and the scientific method to design a better (not perfect or utopian) society. 

Initially, this separation had upset me, though I also realize that these ideas exist no matter who represents them. I wish to spread the good news of a better future, one I did not create, but one I will advocate.

As to the name of this blog ... join the Zeitgeist Movement ... I do not wish to appear to support one group over another (though they both advocate the same thing), so I will begin to write under a new blog banner. Find me here !


  1. TVP its 1000000000000 times better than TZM.
    Zeitards doesnt know how to get to a RBE, they steal the RBE concept just by doing copy paste from Jacque Fresco´s work.

    Seriously they are just a bunch of poor no-educated hippies unemployed and angry with the system, but they doesnt know what to do.... the only thing they know about TVP is what they saw on the documentaries zeitgeist....thats it.

  2. TZM doesnt advocate the same thing!!!!
    TZM is LOST!!!!!

    RBE can only apply on new cities!!! which Fresco know how to get there!

    TZM just steal the material from JF.

    zeitards are just puppets of TZM.

  3. Very sad to see how this has descended.

  4. I am very ecstatic for both

    Wealthy or unwealthy so long as we are healthy

    I do it because i love it, don't you?

    Perhaps we are all un-educated we will have the time to learn

    I will ask for help, I will sacrifice for you

    We can not deter from our optimal goal

    We are in this to better ourselves

    It is in me for YOU, my